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We are a law firm with a difference.

Corporate Law Advisers LLP is a specialized law firm with a team of attorneys who understand the needs of business. We practice in all areas of corporate law, including contracts, securities, finance, acquisitions and business combinations, technology licensing, corporate governance and employment matters.

Search the web for a law firm and thousands of choices, perhaps tens of thousands, will appear, each website extolling the firm's experience and the qualifications of its attorneys. Many of these law firms can and do provide the high quality legal services that they advertise. What, then, distinguishes one law firm from the rest?

We think the answer is obvious. Clients want more than professional competence, knowledge and experience, essential as those qualities are. Clients also want the cost of legal services to be both commensurate with the value of the services they receive and, moreover, determined on a basis that they consider reasonable, fair and transparent. Too often an invoice for legal fees comes as a shock to the client.

Virtually every law firm touts its "client service" but how many describe what that means? To us, client service is as much about cost and transparency as it is about responsiveness and professionalism. With that in mind, our approach to fees is as follows:

  • We will undertake any assignment on a fixed-fee basis, negotiated in advance, if requested.
  • Legal work done on an hourly basis is billed at one rate for all our lawyers ($300 per hour). We will negotiate a lower hourly rate for a minimum number of monthly hours.
  • We bill in increments of a quarter hour but do not bill for telephone calls or email exchanges of less than one-quarter hour.
  • If two or more of our lawyers discuss a client's matter with each other, we bill only one lawyer's time.
  • We do not charge our clients for copying, faxing, meals in the office, taxis home after a certain hour, secretarial overtime, computerized research or similar expenses. We only pass through to the client expenses that have been approved in advance by the client, such as travel expenses.
  • If legal research is needed, we will determine the scope of the research in collaboration with the client. We will not explore every marginal issue to exhaustion, regardless of the degree of relevance, nor will we write lengthy (and expensive) memos that are long on scholarship and short on advice.
  • We will help the client identify legal objectives that can be achieved in a practical and cost-effective manner.

None of this minimizes the importance of professional excellence. Our lawyers, all partners, have the experience and qualifications in corporate and securities law to meet the needs of our clients in a wide range of business and commercial legal matters. All of our attorneys hail from top law schools and each one was previously at a prominent, nationally recognized law firm. And the firm is authorized to practice law in several jurisdictions.

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